I have achieved so many goals with Crystal's success system. Within my first year of real estate (in C-vid), I eliminated my vehicle payment, bought my son a new vehicle and won the Masters Award in Sales.

In my second year, I bought myself my dream vehicle and received the Platinum Award in Sales. I was able to pay for my daughter to go to Europe, my son's education and sponsored more families at Christmas.

I manifested and achieved being a part of a Top 10 Team in Canada and am 100% debt free! This has been the best investment I've ever made.

- Nicole P, BC Canada

Right before joining this program – I was feeling good about where I was – but I’m not one to just be satisfied.

Last year, I was getting pretty disorganized with the growth I had experienced and knew deep down that I’d need some help. I was pretty scared about the prospect of hiring a direct employee as of course the terror barrier rears it’s head. I had been delaying making the decision to hire someone but after going through some of the program and with a bit of a push - I posted the ad and pretty much the next day I had 20 applicants.

I am 4 months sober and working out more often than I used to. I feel confident about my future and know no matter what happens – I have the capability to overcome obstacles and continue growing. I look forward to where I can take my business.

- Matt M, SK Canada

I decided to quit my job of 11 years after I visioneered a business that utilizes all of my skills. A business that is now close to it’s one year anniversary! BizSUITE “Where ideas and action meet” this is where I apply the daily disciplines, sales accelerator training, and mindset that I developed through Crystal’s guidance at the Unblock Academy!

- Jackie S, AB Canada

I turned my annual income into my monthly income plus manifested our first 6 figure month. We achieved one of our highest sales days in our restaurant on a Wednesday during C-vid. 

I started a new business, and I earned a partnership. We have now sold our restaurant business for a 6 figure profit

I am doing what I truly love.

- Roxanne P, AB Canada

I knew there was more to me and my life. Everything that I was doing was not working.

This course, my guides and mentors showed me how to live on purpose using the Laws of the Universe. I became aware of my own uniqueness and how I could help so many other people.

I am well on my way now, doing speaking engagements, communication with people needing my help, writing a book to share my story, I know it will help so many people.

I continue to work on my goals and am excited to become a Unblock Academy Certified Coach so I can help others the way DSMP has helped me!

Make the decision to invest in yourself and do the work with an open mind. You will be amazed how far you will go!!

- Bev Hanson, SK Canada

Having someone who sees the potential within you, that you can’t see in yourself, is what allowed me to step into my confidence and do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from Crystal and Bob  Proctor, leading experts in human potential and personal growth.

Nick L, BC Canada

Before working with Crystal and the Unblock Academy, I felt a little lost.

My breaking point came when I was frustrated and stressed and knew I could do better.

Once I got started with this Success Method, it’s crazy the things that have happened.

One goal was to have a new stylist join me by the end of January. Then at the end of January I had someone reach out to me and by January 31 she became a stylist! My mind was blown.

February 2022 has been my highest sales to date! Imagine that - a short month had my highest sales! I had my first $1000 party!

I have regain my focus set more goals, this mentorship has been so amazing!

- Shaunessey R, SK Canada